Tips of uses of vinegar for cleaning in your household


Tips of uses of vinegar for cleaning in your household

Vinegar is used since at least 5000 years when the Romans used fermented wine that became vinegar and was also found in Egyptian urns. Vinegar can be made of wine, fruits (apples), palm, cane, rice, malt etc. sometimes its flavored with herbs like the balsamic vinegar for example. The word “vinegar” derives from the Old French vin aigre, meaning “sour wine”.

1.) Vinegar is especially useful for cleaning mineral deposits found on glass, inside a coffee maker, or other smooth surfaces.

2.) Add a little vinegar to your cleaning water in the kitchen and insects like flies and mosquitoes will disappear also add a little vinegar to a cleaning cloth and pass it over mirrors or windows and the insects will go away.

3.) To get rid of insects in general add some vinegar to your cleaning water and even cook up some vinegar and let the steam get rid of the insects wherever they are, this works also for infested furniture like beds and sofas. Cover the furniture with a bed sheet and place the hot steaming pot below the covered furniture.

4.) To clean your steam iron of mineral deposits add 1 spoon of water and one spoonful of vinegar into the iron and let it steam for a minute, then rinse with cold water, also the irons bottom surface can be cleaned wit a cloth and some water with vinegar.

5.) Vinegar also is very good to clean off chewing gum stains from clothes; usually normal cleaning products are not capable of cleaning off chewing gum, so rubbing with vinegar before the machine wash should do the trick.

6.) Water with some vinegar helps to get rid of bad odors in the kitchen and bathroom around the toilets etc clean the floor with that mixture.

7.) Vinegar also works well as a fabric softener; just add half a cup to the rinse cycle.

8.) Vinegar is effective in removing rust from metals and for cleaning ice-skate blades.

9.) Place your toothbrush very 14 days in a vinegar solution to clean it it also will preserve it so it lasts longer.

10.) Cleaning the inside of flower vases: add rice corns and vinegar to it, shake well and rinse afterwards with clean water. Also clean the outside of vases with a vinegar solution.

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