Tips of uses of salt in your household


Tips of uses of salt in your household

Salt is a dietary mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride that is essential for animal life, but toxic to most land plants. Salt flavor is one of the basic tastes, an important preservative and a popular food seasoning.

1.) Cleaning your old rusty iron: Put some salt on a wet piece of cotton cloth and iron back and forth on the salty cloth, that way the iron becomes clean and rust free again. What also works: Make a paste of butter and fine salt and but it on the rusty iron surface, let it work in for a while and clean it up. (Remember: When in contact with water and oxygen, or other strong oxidant or acids, iron will rust.)

2.) Remember to clean your swimsuit and bath wear well under running fresh water after a bath in the oceans salt water, otherwise the salt can damage your fabrics!

3.) Use some beer with salt to clean your windows and clean them up with soda water, this way they become “glass”-clear again. (Never do that do in full sunshine or when the glass is frozen cold)

4.) Place new Jeans for one hour in a mix of 5 liter water with 2 soup spoons of salt, then rinse them in cold fresh water, this way jeans will not bleach out that fast.

5.) Clean furniture made of bamboo and rattan with a mix of 5 litter water with one soupspoon of salt, darkened rattan will get its lighter color back this way.

6.) Iron backing or iron frying pans can be cleaned this way: heat them up and place some salt in them then rub the salt hard with an old cloth. Also for new iron pans, add salt water the first time you use them and let it cook in, the pans will get less rosty later on that way.

7.) When your iron backing ware after using it has a crust that is hard to remove add some salt water and let it stay for a while, the crust will soften and can be removed better afterwards.

8.) Red wine stains, rub in salt and let it work for a while then rinse it out with soda water.

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