The easy way on how to get rid of flies


The easy way on how to get rid of flies

Sure there are all those sprays and chemical products to get rid of the flies but here are some easy ways of how to do it without buying any chemicals and that don’t cost much or even not anything:

1.) Clean the windows with vinegar that will shy the flies away.

2.) In the kitchen from time to time let some drops of vinegar evaporate in a hot pan or place a plate with vinegar below the window, the flies don’t like vinegar and will go away.

3.) Darken the room and let only a little light come into the room trough an open window, the flies normally look for the light and fly out.

4.) Open the windows and let the breeze flow trough the rooms, the flies dont like the windy breeze and get away.

5.) Of course keep your place clean and never have any trash around and no rotting fruits.

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