Piccata Locanda Ticinese Recipe

Piccata Locanda Ticinese


COUNTRY: Switzerland


INGREDIENT: 400 gr veal cut in slices (escalope), flour,2 beaten eggs, 50 gr parmesan, 20 gr olive oil, 20 gr butter, 100gr ham cut in slices or diced, 5 dl (1/2 liter) red wine, 1 dl brown meat sauce, 100 gr diced tomatoes, minced parsley.

DIRECTION: Flour meat slices, soak in eggs beaten with parmesan fry shortly in butter and olive oil. keep warm. warm ham in butter. take ham out of pan and add on top of meat. add wine to pan reduce, add sauce and tomatoes let simmer for a few minutes. pour sauce over meat and ham. Add some parsley on top.

NOTES: Serve with pasta. Recommended wine : Merlot.